There’s a running joke that Slovenians aren’t allowed to jump into swimming pools, because Croatia would complain about the splashing water. With just 43km of coastline, Slovenia is one of the easiest countries to overlook amongst the Adriatic Coast. Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, the amazing places which scatter the Baltic states are still just […]


In the striking white city of Arequipa, the bright colours of the Santa Catalina monastery create one of the most stunning walled communities in the world. The monastery is firmly grounded in the rich cultural and topological history of Peru. Santa Catalina is constructed from the same white volcanic rock that gives Arequipa the name as […]

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Often overlooked as a result of its endless miles of stunning beaches, Greece has a rich cultural heritage which has created some of the most striking and steadfast monuments of ancient history. Combine this with a slightly less riveting geological turbulence of which fold mountains will be the only relevant part from countless geography lessons, and the […]

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Musky smelling, raggedy old books, outdated computer users using clunking computers and a series of kids books that everyone still wants to read. The images associated with a library may not conjure up inspiring thoughts, especially for those locked away studying rather than getting to sit and read the paper. But for those whose profession […]

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Geographical wonders have been created from all sorts of things; geological shifting, ice smoothing and ocean currents lapping the shore. Yet by this same wonder, beaches don’t have to be white and smooth to be beautiful. Indeed, in the unassuming town of Fort Bragg in California, the beautiful coastline is not formed from local shingles […]


In 1779, amongst a sleepy rural community in the Cerro Quemado Mountains there was no access road, no buildings, no sanitation and no water, but there was silver. Remarkably, at its prime Real De Catorce was one of the busiest cities in Northern Mexico, the Wixarika population blossomed to around 15,000 and a thriving industry which included […]

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A stairway to heaven has never been more awesome. Formed in 263AD as the result of a massive geological event, closing numerous caves but creating fascinating nooks within the countryside, Heaven’s Gate in the Tianmen Mountains of China is thought in local legend as the connection from mere mortals to the gods above. Steps carved […]


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